About us

Company Profile

Company: “Integrit-Sistem” S.R.L., Republic of Moldova, 43/1 Rosiori street, Chisinau, Moldova;

Registration Certificate # 1006600015391 of 12.04.2006.

Shareholders: Moldovan individuals.

Executive Director: Lilian Baxan

Solution Architect and SW-development Project Manager: Serghei Sepelevici

Network solutions Project Manager: Nicolae Olaru

Head of Database and User Interface Development Section: Alexandru Vulpe

Head of Electronic Queuing Service Solutions: Vitalie Plagov

Sales Manager: Natalia Melicanova

 Core business lines:

  • Promotion of Electronic Queuing Service Solutions at the Moldovan market
  • Development and maintenance of bio-metric identification and access control systems
  • Software development, implementation and maintenance on-demand
  • Designing, development, implementation and maintenance of specialized hardware and software systems (HSS)
  • IT system integration
  • Development of communications control network infrastructure with varying complexity degree
  • Content developing for e-Learning based IT courses.

Company history

“Integrit-Sistem” S.R.L.  is a market player since 2006.

The company performed a market and IT trends development analysis and the decided to focus on projects involving software and HSS development.

A core business line of Integrit-Sistem SRL are integration projects involving development of distributed IT resources and network infrastructures combined with with software and hardware solutions to maintain implemented systems.

The company that has duly certified professionals among its personnel has been engaged to develop and implement diverse IT solutions and to create automated IT systems with varying complexity degrees:

  1. Design and supply of hardware to establish core communication systems within the centralized database of the Moldovan Ministry for Information development;
  2. Designing of an infrastructure solution and supply of equipment for MegaDat;
  3. Turnkey supply and installation of Electronic Queuing Service systems (CFM) for State-Owned Enterprise REGISTRU, GSM telecommunications operator MOLDCELL and State-Owned Enterprise CADASTRU, International Medical Laboratory “SYNEVO”;
  4. Development of information system – “Evidence of state decorated persons and issued state distinctions”;
  5. Development of a demo-version hardware and software complex “Information Board” tested in pilot projects by local public administration authorities in Moldova;
  6. The “Moldcell electronic queue” project – serving the citizens in the central office
  7. Development of State HR Capacity application module providing for the possibility of inter-ministerial information sharing;
  8. Development and supply of a software and hardware solution for the Moldovan Ministry of Foreign Affairs to keep track of trafficked migrants within framework of a project funded by international agencies;
  9. Designing, development and implementation of an Network-infrastructure project in the Higher Anthropology School;
  10. Supply and adjustment of bio-metric identification hardware and software systems for State-Owned Enterprise REGISTRU;
  11.  Setup and maintenance of bio-metric information collection systems for Ministry of External Affairs of Moldova.
  12. Designing, installing and adapting the electronic system for managing rows in the Synevo Medical Laboratory
  13. Designing, installing and adapting the electronic management system for the ranks for the Turkish Embassy in Moldova