• Electronic Queuing Service Solutions for the Moldovan market

  • Development and maintenance of bio-metric, identification and access control systems

  • WEB and Software development, implementation, maintenance and optimization

  • Analysis, implementation and maintenance of specialized digital and analogue devices (HSS)

  • Creating network and IT structures with a high degree of complexity

  • Creating It courses for E-Learning sistem

Qmatic is a leading customer interaction optimization company, and we have coordinated our customers’ personal journey online using our travel management leaders. Qmatic offers the best customer service that leads to brand and customer satisfaction.

We are dedicated to our customers

What we do is less about technology and more about people. As the world’s leading provider of waiting-line management systems, you think our world is spinning around the technology.

But our main focus on everything we do is you. Well, you and billions of other people. And therefore, even if the technology behind our solutions is generally quite complex, we make sure that user interfaces are always easy to use.

Available for all devices

Made for your comfort

Always ready to help

The simplest definition of customer experience is how your customers perceive the quality of interactions with your organization. Qmatic gives you the opportunity to gather these views and use them in your business.

Some of our products:

Latest News

Norwegian police install Qmatic solutions for their citizen services

The roll out of total 73 police stations in Norway, where 60 of them are planned for roll out in 2019 has officially started. July last year Qmatic signed a deal with Gemalto as part of larger project to modernize and centralize their passport offices. Gemalto is the Prime integrator in this project. The solutions […]

How Groupama reduced its check-in times by 40% using Qmatic Orchestra

”Our customers are very satisfied with the solution we selected. Furthermore, the reporting functions allow us to maintain full control over what happens in the Claims Settlement Center. ” Sandro Bisogno, Claims Area Manager at Groupama Claims Settlement Center 13 million customers, 34,000 employees, 130 years of history in 11 countries worldwide. This is Groupama, […]

Videocare means everywhere and anytime

A visit to the doctor over the internet gives more people access to care regardless of time and location. It’s not the end of having “a physical”, but it’s a great complement. You know what it’s like, trying to get help from your local hospital for yourself, your kids or your elderly parents. You need […]

A word to the wise

Voice-controlled virtual assistants are gaining ground and will soon become integrated into many service situations. Maybe it will become the universal way of getting things done. Maybe not. It’s been more than six years since Apple introduced Siri and voice became one more way to interact with tech and the internet. Now, all the strong […]

Fed up with queuing? You won’t have to wait more than seven minutes here

New passport within the hour. Take a queue ticket and get married. Stay in your car and get drive-in service. In Georgia’s capital Tbilisi, the 14,000 people who visit Public Service Hall every day wait no more than seven minutes to get their business dealt with by 400 operators working at maximum efficiency. Sounds like […]

Customer Journey: The flow of citizens, managed by PSA

 The Public Services Agency launched a new electronic citizen management system on April 21st, based on the virtual e-ticketing line. The application passed the first test at the launch of the Ocniţa Multifunctional Center, and the managers concluded that this is “a modern, useful and accessible method”. So, in order to obtain a virtual ticket […]

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