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MVR Department in Cape Town improve customer experience with Qmatic.

MVR Department in Cape Town improve customer experience with Qmatic.

The Motor Vehicle Registration Department at the Civic Centre in Cape Town has implemented Qmatic’s Orchestra system. The City of Cape Town officially launched the new Orchestra system which operates similarly to queuing systems at other service providers like banks. Qmatic’s queuing system is installed at the main branch and The City of Cape Town is now planning to roll the solution out to other […]

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Guarnieri Hospital optimizes patient journey with Qmatic Orchestra

Accredited by the Lazio Region, the Guarnieri Hospital is a multi-specialty center that provides inpatient and outpatient services (Day Hospital) focusing on various medical specialties “We have optimized registration for our patients. Now we are focusing on new additions and the option of booking appointments from home, using your smartphone or through our website” says Giovanni Pica — Engineer and IT Manager for the Guarnieri […]

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Click & Collect helps ICA Maxi Karlstad grow e-commerce

ICA Maxi Karlstad (Sweden) is a grocery store within the Nordic retail chain ICA. With the help of the Qmatic Click & Collect solution, ICA Maxi Karlstad’s e-commerce is increasing rapidly in popularity. ICA Maxi in Karlstad initially ran the online store using their own solution for pick up, but have now switched to using the Click & Collect solution developed by Qmatic together with […]

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It where implemented in 2 locations
1) Spitalul Clinic Republican

2) Central SYNEVO office

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WEB-Design & Software Development

Web Design & Development We plan for our clients’ business needs and IT requirements, we also assist in designing, developing and implementing software solutions and technology. In our approach, great emphasis is given in understanding the clients’ business needs and environment before deciding what is best for them. By constantly keeping in touch with the latest in technology and enhancing our knowledge on local business […]

IT infrastructure

We offer services that cover the whole life cycle of the IT infrastructure: starting with the concept development and finishing with wiring, including the necessary electrical contours. We also offer virtualization services for server platforms and workstations.

We offer solution’s for:

  • Electronic Queuing Service Solutions at the Moldovan market

  • Development and maintenance of bio-metric identification and access control systems

  • Software and WEB development, implementation and maintenance

  • Designing, development, implementation and maintenance of specialized hardware and software systems (HSS)

  • Development of communications control network infrastructure with varying complexity degree

  • Content developing for e-Learning based IT courses.

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Access IS

Access IS designs and manufactures innovative equipment that enables fast and accurate capture and transfer of information into electronic systems.

Over 75% of the products we sell are application specific, so we are used to understanding our customers’ challenges and offering reliable and cost-effective solutions.

We have a wide range of platforms on which to base new custom or semi-custom designs. Our world-wide customer base includes airports, retail point-of-sale, retail banking and financial institutions, public transportation smart and mobile ticketing, and self-service kiosk manufacturers.

We design and manufacture in the UK, with hardware and software engineering employing one third of our staff. Access is ISO9001:2008 accredited. We are committed to providing a responsive and professional service, and pride ourselves on maintaining the highest standards of integrity and business ethics. We value long-term relationships and relish the challenges of helping customers manage the input and output of data from electronic systems in the most cost-effective way.