Solutions for effortless, efficient and engaging customer and patient journeys.

All Qmatic solutions are purpose designed and engineered for tight integration and optimal performance. From R&D through warranty support, we take full responsibility for the design, operability, and quality of our hardware and software solutions. For our clients, that intense focus on the total quality of our customer journey management solutions translates to low-risk installation, accelerated deployment, and upgrades as you need them. It reduces the complexity of your solutions and the total cost of ownership, keeping your customer journey working reliably and as you need it to every day and everywhere you do business.


Feels free to ask us for a solution for :

  1. QUEUE MANAGEMENT – Manage expectations, reduce customer wait times and improve employee efficiency
  2. CUSTOMER JOURNEY MANAGEMENT – Integrate and improve every touch point from pre-arrival through post-service.
  3. MOBILE SOLUTIONS LINE APPOINTMENT BOOKING – Mobility has transformed everything about how humans act – and interact.
  4. ONLINE APPOINTMENT BOOKING – Allow your customers to schedule appointments online and smoothly move from check-in to service.
  5. CUSTOMER FEEDBACK – Instant customer satisfaction insight that directs constant improvement
  6. BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE – Build customer behavior, interaction, process and satisfaction analytics through a sweeping discovery of every piece of your customer journey.