Delivering Efficient Services

From online and mobile to the in-store experience, Qmatic makes sure brands have the right tools and insights to understand, anticipate, and meet expectations with seamless, flawless customer journeys.

You already know customers can shop online, on mobile, and in your store. Qmatic connects those worlds for a consistent and satisfying experience.

  • Customers can find and purchase what they want online, find your store with a location-based mobile application, and take advantage of Click & Collect to pick up their purchase with ease and efficiency from a designated line
  • Once in your space, they can check in via a kiosk, choose their service, sign up for mobile queuing, and spend their wait time browsing your store, creating a more enjoyable experience for them and greater more for you
  • Reduce actual and perceived waiting times with relevant communications via mobile, SMS, and digital signage
  • Check in information matches the customer with the most appropriate employee for an informative, confident and fulfilling buying experience






Brand loyalty and profits come from knowing how to satisfy your customer’s demands before they even step foot in your store.

  • Connect every channel in the journey for an outstanding and consistent customer experience
  • Keep employees productive and fulfilled by providing them with accessible data and insights about each customer, gathered from resources like Click & Collect, check-in kiosks, and loyalty card programs
  • Make the best use of your retail space with a Queue Management system that organizes visitors with virtual and linear queuing solutions, booked appointments, mobile apps and SMS alerts
  • A fully integrated and modern BI system and real-time customer feedback solutions inform continued customer experience improvements