Solo is the small but powerful solution to increase customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

• Is an entry solution to move from real queues to virtual queues.
• Is ideal for branches with one or multiple service categories
• Supports multiple scenarios; branches, stores, click & collect, etc.
• Is easy to install, stand-alone and needs no PC
• Web based. Can work on a network or offline
• WiFi, with Solo WiFi kit it has its own network
• Apps for Android and iOS to call customers, mobile terminals
• The Spotlight app to get a wireless LCD display
• Supports statistics, digital signage and SMS/E-mail alerts
• Supports central statistics with add-on software
• Can be upgraded to work with Qmatic Enterprise software Orchestra
• Proven through thousands of installations



Solo key features:

Stand-alone solution

No software or pc required. It’s all run from the Qmatic self-service kiosk.

WiFi network

With Solo WiFi kit the Solo system has its own wifi network. With Solo Mobile Connect you call customers from Android or iOS devices. Combined with our app Spotlight you also get a wireless LCD display.

Self-service kiosks

Available in 3 models/sizes: Intro 17, Intro 8 and Intro 5.


Average waiting time or transaction time, customer flow or workstation performance. Solo can provide the information needed to improve efficiency as well as the customer experience. The information can be received on request or on a scheduled and regular basis via e-mail.

Management information

Solo offers an opportunity to get some really useful real time information of what the situation is like right now. How many people requested service, what service they requested, even how long they had to wait and how many desks are currently open. The kind of information that helps drive improvement.

Digital Signage

With Solo linked to the Hub Mediaplayer, screens can be used to show content that reduce perceived waiting time, relax the customer and make them more receptive to messages. Or integrate with queue information to improve impression rates.

Voice announcements

With Choral, the service process can be improved by reducing the hesitation common in queuing situations. Via voice prompting customers get clear directions — and a constant reminder that it will soon be their turn.

SMS notifications

Lets the customer or patient be alerted via SMS when they are about to be called by just entering their mobile number

E-mail notifications

Sends an E-mail to staff management for example when waiting time reaches a certain limit. Staff can be allocated more efficiently and customers or patients can be given the service they expect.

Advertising and promotion on tickets

The ticket space can now be used for customized communication and promotion. Text, line art, monochrome images and QR codes can be combined freely and printed at full speed. Up to three tickets can be printed at one time.

Multiple service options

Displaying multiple service options gives a better understanding of who is seeking which service, and allows to increase the individual customer experience. Recommended max number of services is 10


Recommended max number of users is 20

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